KOLD Channel 13 in Attendance

The game started off with Scott Killbury (from KOLD News 13) and his videocamera interviewing us about the PSHL. He stayed for over an hour taking game footage and doing more interviews. I’ll post a note on here when I find out when it’s showing.

As for the game, it was a up and down battle with Stephanie in goal for the white team and John (with a baseball mit, catchers mask and no blocker) guarding the net for the dark squad. The first period ended 3-2 white, with some steller play on both sides.

The white team kicked into gear in the 2nd period, lead by a scoring spree from George. The 2nd period ended 8-4 white.

The third period was a different story as Maros (fresh back from Slovakia and his full page AZ Star fame) lead a dark team charge. The final score was 14-10 dark.

Keep your stick down,
– Tim

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