100th Gameday Post!

Wednesdays game is ON. Be there at 7pm for a fine game of street hockey. This is the last game I’ll be playing against Maros (I won’t be here for his farewell game on Saturday) so lets make it a good one! I’ll be there a bit before and I expect the ball to drop between 7:15 and 7:30.

Saturday we had a good showing and played 1/2 court for the first period (not from lack of players, but lack of those wanting to step into goal) and then full court for the 2nd and 3rd periods with 1 sub each.

The white team managed to win both games, though the dark team started the 2nd period with a 2-0 lead before the white team came back with 8 of their own for a 8-2 edge going into the third. The third period was much the same as Weston played steller in goal for the white team and Brian was not able to keep up with the barrage of breakaways and point blank shots.

Keep your stick on the ice,
– Tim

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